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Estrellas del PSP- Tubes & Misted Adrimar- Miembro Tochas Quality Tubers

Estrellas del PSP- Tubes & Misted Adrimar- Miembro Tochas Quality Tubers


Usuario: estrellas
Descripción: Links a Colores al Cielo (Tutoriales Adrimar y recursos), Acordes de Adrimar (sonidos .wav y midis) y Con las alas al cielo (personal Adrimar).
URL: http://estrellasdelpsp.blogspot.com
Categoría: Diseño
Miembro desde: 2012-04-28

Valoración media: 3 / 5
Número de Votos: 9


2014-04-03 02:32:09
Coming in at just seconds under two hours, this album is a good explmae of a `complete score' release. Some of the cues time at just five seconds, so completists really don't feel that anything is left out.This time working with Saori Ueda, composer Masami Ueda shines in this score. The style is recognisably a continuation of Resident Evil 2, and seems bigger due to the length of the album and the variety of material. Generally, the music is sombre and oppressive, which perfectly conjures back the game (and matches it when you hear it in that context). Jill's progress through destroyed nighttime streets of the city is vividly re-created in the music. Fear and suspense are evoked by use of sustained chords, punctuated by sounds such as bell tolls (a reference to the clock tower that will figure in the story's middle chapter). The clanking you can hear at times sounds much like Brad Feidel's Terminator scores. There is also a touch of Graeme Revell's The Crow in here. At the other end of the mood scale, the action-music is based on violent orchestral strings and blaring brass, imitating Nick Glennie Smith and Hans Zimmer's score for The Rock. As in his score for Resident Evil 2, Ueda uses piano to soften the general harshness, and again, the result is very pleasing, and keeps this score from being too much like the movie sources he draws from. Also like the Resident Evil 2 album, it's a little strange to have music fade out rather than come to an end, but this is due to the music being written for continuous looping. A piece will play in the game for as long as you are in a room or area, so it isn't structured to come to an end.If you listen to the album in the wrong frame of mind, its low-key character can make the music fall easily out of your notice. But in the right mood, it is quite enthralling. In all, a very good album if you're a fan of film scores and/or Resident Evil games. http://uppfqdycas.com [url=http://rbkqmkrt.com]rbkqmkrt[/url] [link=http://kdwjckhf.com]kdwjckhf[/link]

2014-03-31 11:42:17
I just bought a new PSP3000 and I watend something to protect it since the PSP is not exactly known for being easy to keep clean and new. I tentatively bought this case since it was so cheap and am extremely happy with my decision.The case is made of silicon so it is very soft and feels very good in your hands when you're playing on the PSP. It keeps all the dust and fingerprints off of the PSP, which attracts them constantly. The case itself also does not retain fingerprints and dust doesn't stick to it either. There are holes for almost all buttons, input jacks, and whatnot so that 99% of the time you never need to remove the case if you want to change your memory stick, charge your PSP, connect it to something else, and so on. I will mention the exceptions later. The case also has a cover over the UMD part of the PSP with 2 little tabs that are easy to remove and apply when you have to change games. So the whole PSP is protected. The case is white but a little bit see-through. It is kind of translucent, so on a black PSP it will look kind of gray. Take a look at the pictures I uploaded for reference.The case covers all the front buttons right below the screen, which include the PSP, volume, display, sound, SELECT, and START buttons. However, you'll have no problem accessing the buttons with the case on top of them because there are groves on the case where the buttons are supposed to be. It's just a matter of knowing which button is where, and most PSP owners already know the buttons by heart. The case doesn't have a function that lets you change batteries without taking out the case, so if you're on a long trip and need to pop in that extra battery pack, it will take a little more work of removing the case first and putting it back on afterwards. There are 2 slight gaps between the UMD cover of the case and the rest of the case, but that's better than having no cover over the UMD part of the PSP. I'm not sure how much protection the case will give you when it comes to dropping it, but neither am I sure how much protection a hardcase will give you, not to mention that hardcases are much bulkier than the silicon case. Also a screen is not a part of the case so there is no protection for your screen, but for me that was a plus because in my experience cases with a screen as a part of it, usually did a poor job on the screen part. I recommend you get this case and a screen protector. The one from Hori, a company, is good.Pro:- soft and comfortable in hands- keeps dust, fingerprints, etc off PSP and case- full PSP protection except screen- fully functional PSP with case on- will look gray on a black PSP (could be a con if you don't like it, look at my pictures)- less bulky than a hardcaseCon:- covers the front buttons but doesn't hinder their usage- covers the battery part which requires the case to be taken off to change batteries- might or might not give protection against drops (I never tried or want to try dropping my PSP)- has no screen (this is a pro for me since I prefer getting screen protectors rather than cases with screens)

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